Pastor Shawn & Amy McKnight
Most of my time here is devoted to equipping, resourcing, and encouraging our volunteers & parents/families, teaching students a biblical worldview, making people laugh, and connecting within the community. I absolutely love my calling and the people I am blessed to serve alongside with. I know every pastor is ‘supposed’ to say this, but we really have the best bunch of youth and leaders you’ll find…seriously! Youth ministry can be challenging and frustrating at times, but I really can’t imagine doing anything else right now…I’m where God has called me, and I get to do life with an awesome family and team around me…what else can you ask for?!

I love my family. My wife Amy and I have three incredibly awesome and unique kids- Olivia, Braden & Julia. When I can find a little free time, you’ll find me in the garden, building Legos with my son, out with my family, wrestling or playing Wii with the kids. I’m also an avid reader, amateur blogger, and professional Leafs fan…and dabble in interpretive dance…a little…once…

What’s my favorite…?
Verse: Isaiah 43:18-19
Quote: “We spend more time asking God for an easier path, when we ought to be asking Him for stronger shoes.” ~James MacDonald~
Candy: PB Max
Band/Artist: Santus Real, Switchfoot, Hillsongs…
Color: Blue
Superhero: Captain America
Movie: Gladiator
Tv show: Hawaii Five-O
Food: yes please!…wings & chocolate
Style of music: modern praise (rock), jazz, house (techno)
Bible story: Elijah taking on the prophets of Baal (1Kings 18)

Restaurant: Red Robin (west coast…lobby with me for one here!)


Alex Lopez
Alex is our newest staff member, serving as Assistant Youth Pastor. He grew up here at Parkwood around most of the pastors on staff and credits them with helping to develop him into a Godly leader from a young age. His desire is to teach students that the gospel is forever relevant, and to see students grow into strong, Godly leaders themselves. When he isn’t in the office, you might find him hanging out with close friends, riding his bike through trails, enjoying a live musical, or at home watching Michigan Wolverines football. When in the office, he can almost always be found in the boardroom eating all the snacks.

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