Main Street Parkwood
Alpha is so important to us at Parkwood. It’s the lead in…the foundation for a relationship with Jesus Christ. Alpha is primarily for those who have not yet crossed the line of faith or have recently crossed the line of faith. If you’re sharing with people about your faith, bring them to Alpha. Newcomers to Parkwood should consider taking Alpha as well, as it is the foundation and will help you to connect with God and with others here at Parkwood. If you bring your children, we have Alpha Kids just for them. Spanish Alpha is available as needed.
Cornerstone is an excellent course that builds on the Alpha class and helps establish more of a doctrinal foundation so you better understand what we believe at Parkwood, and more than that, why we believe what we believe. Cornerstone was written by our own Scott & Marge McIntire and has been used in Pentecostal and other evangelical churches on three continents.
Spiritual Giftings is an excellent class to help you understand that every person in the body of Christ is gifted. You have a role to play and we want you to know the joy of discovering your gifts and using them.

Go is not primarily financial – it is understanding that every one of us is called to be a part of the mission of God. God is on an incredible mission in the world today and He wants you to be a part of it in sharing your faith, sharing the love of Jesus at home, and being a part of what He is doing around the world.

So that’s MAIN STREET PARKWOOD. Begin with ALPHA, then to CORNERSTONE, then to SPIRITUAL GIFTINGS, and finally to our newest class, REACH. All four classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring, so you have the wonderful opportunity to keep moving from class to class, building step on step, precept upon precept. God has so much He wants to do in your life.

There are also many important side streets at Parkwood: youth, young adults and children’s ministries, Milestones for Children where parents are taught to mentor their kids, sports programs, men’s, women’s and seniors programs. There are so many important side streets that you can visit. But we want everyone to visit MAIN STREET. We look forward to seeing you there.


For more information on Main Street Parkwood classes, click on the links or call the church office.