Daniel Gray

Lead Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 213


Danny has served on staff at Parkwood since 2008. He and his lovely wife, Natalie, have a beautiful baby girl, Norah. Danny and Natalie have a heart to see the Kingdom of God established here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Brian Harrison

Music and Arts Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 246

Once upon a time there was a licensed pyro-technician named Brian who came to reside at Parkwood in 2000, along with his wife, Linda, and their two children. There he banded with other worshippers to use the arts through the power of the Holy Spirit to change culture. And when he wasn’t residing, he was probably canoeing somewhere with his family. The End.

V. Bill Muresan

Visitation/Intercultural Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 243

Bill has served as Parkwood’s Visitation & Intercultural Pastor since 2001. A father of nine, and “bunicu” of four, he and his wife, Vio, have devoted their lives to loving, serving and building up the body of Christ. God has given Bill a passion for people, languages, cultures, and cabbage rolls. It is rare to see him without thanksgiving on his lips or an accordion on his hip.

Shawn McKnight

Youth Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 228

Shawn has served on staff as Youth Pastor since 2013. Most of his time is devoted to equipping, resourcing, and encouraging volunteers, parents/families, teaching students a biblical worldview, making people laugh, and connecting within the community. He absolutely loves his family, his job and the people he is blessed to serve with. He and his wife, Amy, have three incredibly awesome and unique kids. When he can find a little free time, you’ll find him in the garden, building Legos with his son, out with his family, wrestling or playing Wii with the kids. He’s also an avid reader, amateur blogger, and professional Leafs fan.

Suzi Danter

Children’s Pastor
519-948-7055 Ext 221

Suzi has served on staff as Children’s Pastor since 2014. She’s passionate about this congregation she’s been part of for as long as she can remember. Suzi loves teaching kids about God and rejoices in seeing them use their gifts to serve Him. When she’s not in the office, you might find Suzi singing Disney songs, exploring local coffee shops with Judah or quoting movies with her family.

Mike Canji

Connecting Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 218

Mike has been our Connecting Pastor since 2016, leading our seniors, men’s ministry, and helping connect and disciple new people transitioning into the Parkwood family. He and his lovely wife, Vlasta, have two wonderful girls, Rachel and Grace. Mike enjoys singing and playing his guitar to the great songs of the church and loves hearing testimonies of what God has done for people. He wants to remind people of the great promises of God and press forward to the greatest prize – eternity with Jesus!

Tyler Sharron

Worship Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 237


Ty has served as Worship Pastor since 2016. He and his lovely wife, Tanya, were both born and raised in the Parkwood pews where they met as kids, were dedicated, baptized and mentored by many of our own pastors and leaders. Ty received his musical training at Boston’s Berklee College of Music where he majored in music performance (guitar). He has a heart and passion for music and worship and the incredible things God can do through it. When he’s not at church, you’ll likely find him exploring music stores or hanging with his dog, Milo.

Alex Lopez

Assistant Youth Pastor

519-948-7055 Ext 234


Alex is our newest staff member, serving as Assistant Youth Pastor. He grew up here at Parkwood around most of the pastors on staff and credits them with helping to develop him into a Godly leader from a young age. He has a heart for people in general and loves teaching others that only Jesus can truly satisfy everything we long for. When he isn’t in the office, you might find him hanging out with close friends, riding his bike through trails, enjoying a live musical, or at home watching Michigan Wolverines football. When in the office, he can almost always be found in the staff room eating all the snacks.

Bill Davidson


519-948-7055 Ext 215

Bill has been our Administrator since 1997, caring for the financial administration of Parkwood and overseeing building maintenance and the administration of Parkwood Manor. He and Mary have three married children and six beautiful grandchildren. When he isn’t counting numbers, Bill can be found in the great outdoors.
Jane Sharron, Office Manager/Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor
519-948-7055 Ext 214
Michele Gray, Administrative Assistant
519-948-7055 Ext 230
Mary Land, Administrative Assistant
519-948-7055 Ext 216
Tina Goetz, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
519-948-7055 Ext 0
Hermes Rivera Gutierrez, Media/Technical Support
519-948-7055 ext 233
Shannon McCamon, Children’s Ministry Intern
519-948-7055 ext 227

Maintenance Staff

John Egeto | Ted Storey
Bob Wright | Pat Callery
519-948-7055 Ext 244

Deacon Board of Directors

Rev. Bill Morrow (Interim Chairman)
Mark Morris (Vice-Chairman)
Bill Crowder | Shibu George | Bob Hill
John Lopez | Ryan Mills | Wayne Mills
Theodore Ntahonsigaye | John Thorpe

Board of Elders

Tim Atkins | Frank Homme
Bob Kapetanov | Eric Olsen
Barry Welch