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Want to do more with your four years of high school? Want to rise above the drama and make a difference?  This is Elevate!

Elevate is the name of our High School (gr. 9-12) youth community at Parkwood Gospel Temple. Youth from across the Windsor/Essex county region meet Friday evenings 7-10pm in both large, and small group settings. We also have some annual events like our fall retreat (Oct), Overflow youth convention (May), dodgeball tourney, all-nighter lock-in, local & national missions opportunities, Wipe-Out water wars, summer camping trip, and more!

What can you expect when you show up to Elevate? A typical Friday involves hang out time, food, fun games, praise & worship in song, relevant biblical teaching, group/table discussion & prayer. Come early at 6:30pm and chill in the Youth Lounge on the leather couches, watch music videos, play some foosball, table tennis, video games, or air hockey, or shoot some hoops in the open gym.
At 7pm we come together to get the night started!  At the end of the night our Lounge has an assortment of appetizer style munchies and snacks for a buck or two, and we always find time for a crazy game or sport in the gym! Every 5-6 weeks, we try to find ways to ‘exit’ our normal program and head out to serve the community, enjoy a fun outing or activity, or join in a local youth rally.

Although we value community…a lot…we don’t want to force or ‘manufacture’ it on anyone.  So while we do our best to connect every teenager in a smaller group that is age, grade and gender-specific, we know not everyone desires to be in the smaller group setting.  That’s okay…we’ve got both larger and smaller group venues to help keep you connected in community, accountability, spiritual and relational growth, and fun!  

Regardless of your background and journey, Elevate is a place where you can belong before you believe…and believe before you behave?  We’re not just a ‘youth group.’  We’re a community of young people actively seeking to ‘elevate’ Christ in our lives (Jn. 3:30)…to Know God, Own our faith, and make God and our faith Known. Welcome to Elevate!

The ‘Typical’ Friday Flow
7pm- welcome, mixer game/activity (social interaction)
7:30pm- worship team leading in music & song*
8pm- message/teaching*
8:30pm- small group/table discussion follow-up
9pm- open gym, lounge, group activity, chilling with friends
10pm- students must be picked up

*the 2nd Friday of the month is generally designated for more small group ownership…which means your small group leader will connect with you on what your topic/theme is for the night…and your group will have more time to connect and dig in!