GROW… in God’s Word and in God’s ways

Our second stop is about helping people grow in God’s Word. The primary class at this stop is
CORNERSTONE, which is a great class that helps
us to better understand what we believe and why we believe it.
The following are links to various classes and ministries designed to help you grow:

The Corner Stone Course

The Cornerstone Course is for adults of all levels of faith. It will provide a firm foundation for newly discovered faith, or reinforce and confirm rich beliefs you’ve treasured for years.

Small Groups

We want everyone at Parkwood to be involved in a small group while we’re doing THE STORY together.

Cleansing Stream

A 9-week seminar and retreat to help you establish biblical truths and disciplines. Training in personal cleansing, healing and spiritual warfare.

One + One = One

Parkwood offers a great 6-week pre-marriage counselling course designed for marriage enrichment and preparation.

Marriage Mentoring

Parkwood’s Marriage Mentoring Program is a hands on method of mediation and negotiation empowering couples to solve their own issues.

Grief Support

Grief support is an 8-week program of practical information and caring support to help you adjust to the loss of a loved one.


Membership is the next step for those who deeply identify with the community of faith at Parkwood and are ready to help us accomplish our mission in the church, in the city and beyond.

Child Dedication

To begin the conversation about leading our children on their spiritual journey to Christ.

Water Baptism

It is the biblical way to witness publicly that you have accepted Christ as your personal Saviour.