The short version…

PYM is a ministry to youth in grades 6-12, and is led by Pastor Shawn McKnight, our pastoral ministry interns, and a group of trusted, safe volunteer adult and student leaders from Parkwood Gospel Temple.


Parkwood Youth Ministries exists to lead students & families to Know God, Own their Faith, and make God and their faith Known.

VISION (the “how we get there” statement!)

We want to challenge, encourage and empower youth to live with purpose.  Our ministry will focus on 4 key elements in how we Connect, Grow, Serve and Invest in our relationship with God, others and community.  Everything from our teaching and worship, to our serving and relational elements, will unashamedly reflect those 4 key elements.
For the more in-depth version, please see bottom of page.
We desire to connect to students where they’re at in their knowledge of Jesus, therefore our Wednesday and Friday ministry nights are designed to capture the interest of both ‘churched‘ and ‘non‐churched’ jr. and sr. high youth. We incorporate evangelism, teaching, worship, relational formation and a community atmosphere. We value the diversity and struggles of young adolescence and seek to encourage & love teens as they navigate that road.

With this in mind, each Boost & Elevate ‘large group’ night has a blend of music, drama/art, smaller group interaction, mixers/games, interactive teaching, chill time, and the occasional surprise!  This is generally the best venue for a first‐time guest, however we also understand some prefer the smaller group venues, as opposed to the larger ones.

We also offer a discipleship class on Sunday mornings for our gr. 6-8’s called Sunday Boost.  It’s an interactive environment for our jr. high’s to learn about the nature and character of God, as well as other theological and doctrinal concepts of the Christian faith.

For detailed info on Boost Jr. High and Elevate Sr. High ministries, just click the highlighted links on each.

Our small groups are groups of 4‐10 students, organized by grade and gender, led by at least one trusted and safe adult (Boost groups also have teens gr. 10+ as assistants). They offer students a place of discipleship, accountability, interactive learning, and deeper community. Our small group leaders facilitate discussion and prayer times following our large group teaching, as well as work to coordinate occasional group community service projects and organize fun, social group outings!  Small groups offer students a chance to build friendships and are encouraged to develop healthy, safe relationships with an adult mentor, as well as each other, as they journey deeper in their walk with Christ.
THE WORD – we believe it to be absolute truth, and value teaching it in an effective, creative & relevant way.

WORSHIP –  we value living our lives to bring glory and honor to God in all we do as a lifestyle, not merely a “program.”

MENTORING –  we feel it’s not only important for us to grow in our own faith journey, but to also help others along in theirs.  There’s many opportunities for godly, caring adults & teens to invest in and serve our youth.

PRAYER –  we value the strength and power of prayer, knowing through the Holy Spirit, all things are possible.  We recognize worship & prayer as core expressions of our faith and passion in the Lord.

COMMUNITY – we recognize we’re created to belong, to have community with one another…not to live in isolation. We value the encouragement that comes from Christ-like community and building relationships that disciple & transform lives.

HOLY SPIRIT – We want to experience the presence, power and gifts of Holy Spirit operating in harmony with Scripture. We want to see the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control) evident in the lives of all teens who claim to follow Jesus. (1 Cor 12-14; Rom 12:4-8; Gal 5:22-23)

OWNERSHIP – we believe we’ll all uniquely gifted as many parts that make up one body (1 Cor. 12:12)…so we want to  allow students opportunities to take ownership in different areas of their ministry…areas like prayer, drama, socials, evangelism, music.

JUSTICE & MERCY – we value our faith & love for God expressing itself in our lives through service to others and spreading the gospel message of Christ to bring about change in our world. (local, national & global).

AUTHENTIC – we value being real, honest & transparent with one another…loving each other as we are.

MOVEMENT – we value the journey and process of spiritual growth (discipleship). We value understanding youth culture and challenging students to know God, own and embrace their faith, and to make God known.  It’s about moving forward in our relationship with Christ and each other as we become Kingdom leaders.

FUN – we value having fun, being fun, and creating fun…hey…we work with young people!!

FAMILY – we value our families, and seek to come along side to be a blessing, not an extra-added burden in our ministry programming.  We’ll work hard to keep families informed, encouraged and equipped as best we can!